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"Failure is just a buzz away from greatness"

Rory Green is afraid of insects. And mud. And adventures. In fact, he is frightened of most things. But when his family drags him on a camping holiday to Great Oaks Forest, Rory soon discovers that in order to save the planet he loves he will have to do more than read books about it and recycle his old cereal boxes.

With the help of his bee side-kick Bobbee, and his newfound friends, Rory learns to let go of his fears and believe in himself, as he embarks on an epic adventure to save his family’s favourite woodland.

‘An educational, inspiring and comical story that highlights how every child can play a part in helping the planet’ - Alice Keverne, Founder of Nature Nurture Kids

Welcome to #RorysGreenTeam

Please get in touch to tell us about the local projects that you are involved in to help nature thrive in your community. We will celebrate as many as we can here,

so please don't forget to take lots of photos!  

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Sienna Callinan is taking Action in Berkshire!

After I visited her school in Berkshire, Sienna wanted to get involved with her family and picked litter in her community to help local wildlife thrive! Great work Sienna!

Sienna Callinan.jpg
Gardening Together


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Have you been helping bees pollinate?

Rubbish Removal


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Have you been litter picking to protect wildlife?


And here!

Are you helping to make more green spaces where you live?

Green Roofs

Need some ideas?

The brilliant Nature Nurture Kids  share some ideas below of how you can help nature in your community.

Little Bird

Feed the birds!

Keep birds topped up with nutritious nuts, seeds and dried berries. During winter, food and water sources are often more scarce, so keeping bird feeders topped up can really make a difference, especially to nesting birds. Make sure to include a large bowl of fresh water (make it large enough so they can have a splash about and cool down too!). 

Trash Pick-Up

Pick up litter!

Organise a local litter pick, invite friends and family to head out to your local park, woodland, beach or around your local town or city. Clearing litter off roads and pavements will prevent it ending up in nature and the sea. 

Wild Flowers

Plant wildflower seeds!

Plant wildflower seeds and create a haven for bees, butterfly’s, beetles and other insects. Ideally choose organic seeds and compost, avoiding unnecessary chemicals and pesticides which can be harmful to bees and other pollinators.

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