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Rory Green printed in OpenDyslexic font

It's Dyslexia Awareness Week!

As a child I was easily distracted, and notorious for starting books and abandoning them easily. Frankly, having to read and reread a paragraph or a page over and over to be able to keep up with a story was exhausting. When asked about my favourite books, I would make up what I thought was a respectable answer, and hope that I wasn't challenged for a detailed report of my thoughts and feelings on a story.

Whilst I am not dyslexic, it was important to me that my stories are immersive, and exciting, and keep ALL readers gripped throughout and inspired beyond. So using the amazing OpenDyslexia font was a no brainer for me and I am absolutely delighted with it. Both the paperback and kindle versions use the font, making it accessible for all.

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