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Rory Green at the Festival of Nature

It was an absolute honour to be invited to read an excerpt from 'Rory Green, Secret Agent to the Queen' at the Festival of Nature's Family Party, held at the Bristol Beacon yesterday. The place buzzed non-stop with activities for the under 10's. Workshops, music, talks, and stories, all for the love of nature.

It was Rory & Bobbee's first official outing, and we were all super excited. A fabulous and energetic act called Poco Drom kicked off the day, and boy I was grateful. They whipped the audience into a frenzy and had me bouncing like a kangaroo, to turn some healthy nerves into a powerful pre-reading dance move, with Rory and Bobbee rocking along beside.

As I stepped onto the stage, I felt so grateful. To finally be doing what I've been working so hard to do for over ten years

...promote my debut book. It felt real, and it felt awesome. And afterwards, I did what any sane person would do to celebrate.....I ate a mexican feast and then I went thrift shopping. Dreamy!

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