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How I generate new writing ideas

I’m writing this as I start a morning walk at 0515. You heard that right. Whatever it takes to get fresh air and a fresh head as a stay at home mum to twin boys, I’m here for it! So ideas, for me, come when I’m out and about and on the move. I could be walking, or running, or driving the car, being a passenger in a car, but nearly always I have some lively music in my ears. Guitar music has been a massive love of mine for my whole life (and no I can’t play for anything) but lately I’ve been rocking out to Disney - crazy but true! I request ideas from the universe this way and they come tumbling in….not in the perfect book written way - I wish - but I might see an action from a character in my mind or I will ponder a specific question of what a character does next. Not all ideas are good ideas, but they all get written down or dictated into the notes of my phone to be committed to a story at some point or to the bin.

If I’m writing drama, I take a lot away from just sitting and watching the world go by. Conversations by couples, or one way conversations I hear whilst people are on the phone - it really develops you as a storyteller to compile the part of the chat or rant that you can only imagine.

The news is a sometimes harrowing way of getting ideas or setting a scene.

Sometimes even inanimate objects inspire me. I imagine others using them in an action and embellish the scene to what is being felt, thought, or discussed.

Most recently I got an idea by watching a kids YouTube channel.

So ideas are really everywhere, it’s just being in the right mindset to receive them which can be altered by stress in any form. Often however, if I just start, I find the flow fortuitous.

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